Dr Chieh Cheng

Dr Chieh Cheng was born in Taiwan and grew up in Perth from the age 10. In 2004, she completed her medical training at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and proceeded to work in various specialties at several hospitals in Perth, before deciding on a career in GP Obstetrics. Dr Cheng completed her Advance GP Obstetric Diploma at King Edward Memorial Hospital and Diploma of Child Health at Princess Margaret Hospital. In 2010, she moved to Albany where she enjoyed working as a rural GP Obstetrician for 7 years. During this time she was involved with the Rural Clinical School and loved teaching medical students. Dr Cheng moved back to Perth in 2017 where she worked in the Perth hills, delivering babies at Bentley hospital until 2020. Dr Cheng speaks fluent Mandarin and enjoys watching Masterchef and eating all different kinds of cuisines.

Why do you do Obstetrics?

As a GP I am interested in all aspects of medicine. Obstetrics is my favourite because it is generally a happy and special time in a woman’s life, and I enjoy getting to know a woman I am caring for during her pregnancy and providing support for her after birth. Nothing quite parallels the delight of seeing a new life coming into this world, and to be part of that experience is a privilege.

What is your birth philosophy?

All women have different pregnancy & birth journeys and my role as a GP obstetrician is to help a woman have the best possible journey. This significant period in a woman’s life can be natural and physiological for some, but for others may be challenging and require medical input. I am there as part of a team to guide a woman through her individual path, and we aim to facilitate a joyful and safe motherhood journey.

What gives you joy?

In addition to the joy I get from working in this field, outside of working life I enjoy appreciating the beauty of natural landscape, diving into the depths of a gripping novel & be awed by films that reveal a refreshing aspect of life and humanity.