Dr Genevieve Hankey

Dr Genevieve Hankey worked at Royal Perth Hospital for 2 years, in which time she went to Geraldton for 3 months. During her time in Geraldton she first encountered GP Obstetricians and whilst sitting in with one of them thought ‘this is great!’

Genevieve went on to spend her 3rd year as a doctor at Princess Margaret Hospital and King Edward Memorial Hospital, where she fell in love with obstetrics. She studied her basic and advanced diploma of Obstetrics and then began her GP training. Genevieve worked for 5 years as a GP Obstetrician in Rockingham and went on to up-skill at King Edward Memorial Hospital for 6 months. She is very excited to be part of the Western Obstetrics team and working north of the river.

Why do you do Obstetrics?

I find it the most happy part of medicine. I get to see people for something that’s naturally happening in their lives. There’s a lot of joy in obstetrics, although sometimes a lot of sadness too. My family notice that I’m happiest when working in obstetrics.

What is your birth philosophy?

To have a healthy baby and healthy mother. Keep an open mind to the way your birth may go – no one would expect to be able to control what a 1 year old or 2 year old does, so why do we expect we can control what our baby does inside of us?

What gives you joy?

In general – my family, sunshine, being near the beach, a ripe nectarine, books, cups of tea and going out for dinner

At work – team work, laughter, feeling safe to ask any questions.

With my patients – building relationships and trust and seeing them do well.