Fiona Flanagan

Meet our amazing Midwife Fiona Flanagan. Fiona has over 25 years of midwifery experience supporting hundreds of mothers and their families through the journey of childbirth. Fiona also has experience and held positions in the areas of Child and Adolescent Health, Street Doctor, and Aboriginal health. Over the years, she has continued to gain qualifications in lactation, becoming a Lactation Consultant in 2014, and a Continence Nurse Advisor the following year. Fiona is passionate about assisting and supporting women and their partners in adjusting to their new roles as parents.

What led you to a career in midwifery?

Originally l had no intention of working as a midwife when l trained 25 years ago. Having the Midwifery qualification and skill of delivering babies, would give me the opportunity to apply for a position with the Flying Doctors Service. I craved the adrenalin of dealing with accidents and emergencies. This was my goal, or so l thought.

As my training progressed, I realised that delivering babies, (which l will never tire of) was only a very small part of being a midwife.  I soon realised, that as a midwife we have such a profound impact on the women’s experience throughout their pregnancies and beyond.

I was fortunate to have supportive women in my life, that in times of uncertainty, l could depend on their love, knowledge and guidance to help me through.  As a midwife, l hold that privileged position.  The position that is able to support, educate and assist these women, in becoming the mothers that they want to be.

I get be a part of the most amazing journey that women undertake, which is one of the most transforming experiences that they will ever experience. That is all the adrenalin I need.

What is your birth philosophy?

I believe that every woman should be cared for in a manner that is respectful and inclusive.

I value the strength of women’s individuality and I strive to promote care that is reflective of that.

Women are to be the guiding voice in their management. Decisions for the woman’s health are made as a team with all voices playing an equal part.

I believe that I have the knowledge and the skills to help and support her navigate through the maze of options that is in front of her, but ultimately it is their body and their final decision when implementing care.

Allowing them to feel empowered, this in turn enhances their confidence in themselves, their childbearing and child rearing capabilities.

What is the most rewarding part of being a midwife?

The most rewarding part of being a midwife is that I am invited into what is a very personal life changing experience for a women and her partner.

Seeing the joy in new mother’s faces when they realise what they have just achieved is priceless.

What attracted you to be part of Western Obstetrics?

The thought of working amongst a group of professionals that are dedicated and committed in providing the highest of individualised care, was something l could not pass up.

It is becoming exceeding difficult to find a service in the public system that offers that standard of personalised care. A service that ensures that the women are at the forefront of any decisions made, and also have the opportunity to access a known midwife for their entire pregnancy journey and beyond.