Endorsed Midwife


Alexandra (Allie) Miller began her midwifery journey in 2015. She spent several years in the public hospital system, where she shared the joy of supporting women through their birth experiences. After many years of dedicated service and welcoming her own two babies, Allie felt ready for a new chapter.

While on maternity leave with her second baby, Allie decided to pursue further education to become an Endorsed Midwife, allowing her to provide comprehensive care and support throughout the entire pregnancy journey.

Allie has worked alongside dedicated GP Obstetricians and other Endorsed Midwives, enhancing her expertise in all aspects of midwifery and maternity care.

Outside of work, Allie loves spending time with her young family.

What led you to a career in midwifery?

As a young student in the early years at uni, I was a bit lost, then one of my best friends had a baby. She didn’t have a support person, so I was there for her. I witnessed the power of birth for the first time and I was changed forever. I changed degrees that year and I’ve never looked back.

What is your birth philosophy?

I believe in a woman’s power to do the unimaginable. Birth is a wonderful experience, and I believe in supporting women to achieve the birth of their dreams. I believe in supporting women to make an informed education decision about what is best for them and their baby.

What is the most rewarding part of being a midwife?

I love the relationships I form with a families, but I really live for that moment when parents see their baby for the first time. The magic and light on their faces is like nothing else.

What attracted you to be part of Western Obstetrics?

I believe the women in our community need choice in their obstetric care. I was excited to work with Western Obstetrics to offer our women another option for their pregnancy care.