Embarking on Your Pregnancy Journey: The TRIAGE Call at Western Obstetrics

The excitement of expecting a child brings with it a whirlwind of emotions and questions. At Western Obstetrics, we understand that this journey is unique...

Iron in Pregnancy

Iron is an essential nutrient for red blood cell manufacturing in your body. During pregnancy your body has greater iron needs as your body increases...

Risks of Vaping During Pregnancy

Vaping is on the rise, especially among young individuals. Some assume it's a safer alternative to traditional smoking. However, for pregnant individuals, this isn't the...

Diet During Breastfeeding

As a new mum, navigating the world of postpartum nutrition can be overwhelming, especially with the countless sources of information, some of which may contradict...

Vaccinations in Pregnancy

Your well-being and your baby's health take centre stage during your pregnancy! That's why we're committed to sharing vital information about vaccinations for expectant mothers....

Folate Deficiency and Neural Tube Defects in Pregnancy

Folate is a B group vitamin needed to protect unborn babies against serious birth defects. It is known as ‘folate’ when it is found naturally in...

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