At Western Obstetrics we offer the below classes to help you prepare for the arrival of your beautiful baby. Click on the courses below, for more information. 

More than just childbirth education, this course will discuss preparation of body and mind for labour, birth and beyond for an empowered and informed experience. Understand how your body works to birth your baby, and options and choices you can make for your labour and birth. Come along with your birth partner and both learn techniques and tips for a supportive labour, birth and parenting journey. Class runs on Saturday mornings.

  • 4 hour session
  • Presented by Sarah Walsh, Registered Midwife
  • For Mums-to-be and birth partners
  • Extra resources provided through the course
  • Techniques and tips to prepare you for labour and birth
  • Be informed and empowered
  • Limited Places each course
  • Light refreshments provided


Late Pregnancy and Preparing for Birth

  • Baby movements
  • Self-care and positive mindset
  • Body changes
  • Birth planning and preparation

Early Labour

  • What is happening to your body (The role of hormones, positive mindset vs. the effect of stress and fear on the body)
  • Comfort and pain relief measures
  • Creating a positive space for your labour
  • When to call the hospital


  • The hospital environment and options to create a positive space
  • Pain relief options
  • Role of Support People
  • How your body births
  • The birth of your baby!

Possible Birth Interventions

  • Induction – when, what and how
  • Instrumental birth and Caesarean Section – when, what and how
  • How to create a positive environment when intervention is needed.
  • Other possible interventions

The Immediate Postnatal Period

  • Immediately after birth, Mum and Baby! (Skin to Skin, Golden hour)
  • Mum – care in the postnatal period
  • Support and services

Almost all parents intend to breastfeed their babies, but by 3 months post birth almost 50% are no longer giving any breastmilk and up to 80% of parents wish they could have breastfed for longer. The 3 most common reasons parents give for stopping breastfeeding are thinking they don’t have enough milk, nipple pain and damage, and lack of support from partners or close family.

This valuable 2 hour session presented by will help you gain the confidence to breastfeed, understand your newborn’s behaviours and get your breastfeeding journey off to a great start.
Come along with your partner, held every month at one of our locations in Midland, Balcatta and Rockingham.


  • Why breastfeed your baby? The amazing benefits for Mum and Baby
  • How does breastfeeding work? A natural instinct but a learned skill.
  • Initiating breastfeeding after birth
  • Position and attachment
  • Baby-led feeding
  • Barrier and solutions – common concerns with breastfeeding and practical solutions.
  • Newborn behaviour and development
  • Postnatal planning


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