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We believe in the importance of matching patients with the right approach to delivering their care during both the pregnancy and in the first stages of becoming a new parent.

We believe care should be patient-centred and individualised to the patient’s unique needs.

We believe in education, screening and early intervention as this allows us to provide the best possible care, while always involving the patient in the decision-making process.

Western Obstetrics looks after women that are considered to have a low risk pregnancy. If you have certain risk factors, your care would be best delivered by a specialist obstetrician. Our team is happy to work with the specialist obstetrician, but we will act under their guidance.

If you have a twin pregnancy, have a history of significant problems in previous pregnancies, have significant medical issues or any other risk factors, you may be referred to a specialist for ongoing care. We will let you know when we think this is the case and will organise the referral.

We will of course be happy to look after you again once your baby is born.

Western Obstetrics provides care to patients who have elected to deliver in a public hospital. There are two options for care available at Western Obstetrics:

  • NOTE: You do not have to be in the Osborne Park catchment zone to deliver at Osborne Park Hospital when you go through Western Obstetrics
  • One of the Western Obstetrics GP Obstetricians will attend your birth
  • Your maternity care both before and after the birth of your baby will be delivered by the Western Obstetrics team
  • Your birth will be at the public hospital indicated by your home address
  • Your birth will be attended by the medical team that is covering the labour ward at that hospital on the day of your delivery
  • Your maternity care both before and after the birth of your baby will be delivered by the Western Obstetrics team

In both options, you will be cared for by the Western Obstetrics team: Midwifery led, with GP Obstetrician support and access to a full team of maternity health service providers (that include a lactation consultant, psychologist, women’s health physiotherapist and child health nurse). It will ensure you get care that is individualised to your specific needs and situation.

While the birth of your baby is the focus of our maternity care, the 2-3 weeks after your baby is born is super important.

The public hospitals have a fantastic visiting midwife service that will provide you support in the first five days after your baby is born.

Western Obstetrics have a drop in clinic daily with our midwife. If you have any concerns, you can ring up and we will organise to see you on the day of your call (Monday to Friday). We are always available to support you up to eight weeks after your baby is born. We work collaboratively with your local Child Health Nurse to make sure that both you and your baby are able to thrive in those early weeks after birth.

Additionally, we have an early intervention GP appointment at 2 weeks post birth to make sure that you are adjusting well, feeding okay and recovering physically post birth.

We work collaboratively with your family doctor. After the two-week early intervention check, we encourage you to book in to see your local GP at 6 weeks. We will of course be available if you have any issues prior to this appointment.

Western Obstetrics believes in the importance of excellent care being available to everyone. For your pregnancy care with your GP obstetrician and midwife there will be no out of pocket costs as your appointments will be bulk-billed.

For your care after birth, up to 8 weeks, there will be no out of pocket expense to see our GP obstetricians and midwives.

When you have your baby at a public hospital, there are no out of pocket costs through Western Obstetrics.

If you need to see our physiotherapist or other members of our maternity support team, there may be a small out of pocket expense. Importantly, we will let you know what these costs will be before you book in to see them.

If you do not have Medicare, please ask us for a quote for your care.


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