Medical Receptionist


Jenny is the our wonderful Rockingham clinic receptionist, greeting you with her warm and welcoming smile. She has worked in the medical field for over 20 years in various roles including receptionist, senior receptionist, 2IC and medical screener and is also trained in some areas of occupational health. Interestingly, she started working with a GP Obstetrician. Jenny has seen so many changes over the years working for small practices through to large clinics.  

Jenny was born in KEMH in Subiaco and considers herself WA born and bred, as they say. She lives local to the Rockingham area and is excited to see just how far Western Obstetrics goes and to be a part of that. She feels that there is no greater journey in life than being a parent, and being able to watch families be created at Western Obstetrics is a great honour. 

Outside of work, Jenny loves to entertain with friends, gardening and reading.