GP Obstetrician


Dr Julia Marcello completed her training at the University of Western Australia. She graduated with honours and went on to complete her training as a GP Obstetrician through King Edward Memorial Hospital. Julia has had over 10 years experience working in both metropolitan and rural areas within Western Australia, practising Women and Infants Health and General Family Medicine. After training at King Edward she completed her General Practice training in Perth. She spent time training and then later working in Kalamunda Mead Medical, Bentley Hospital, Joondalup Hospital and in the coastal suburb of Trigg. She has also spent time working in Port Headland doing locum work.

Why do you do obstetrics?

It is such a privilege and an honour to help families navigate pregnancy, the birth of their child and then the reality of life as a parent. To help people through the most joyous and sometimes the most challenging time in their life, is the reason I became a doctor.

What is your birth philosophy?

I try to keep my philosophy very simple - a healthy mum and a healthy baby. An individualised, patient-centred approach - where all patients (both mum and baby) are safe, is how I confidently practise obstetrics.

Obstetrics is an area of medicine where things can sometimes change in an instant. Practising obstetrics in 2023 - I firmly believe in empowering my families with the ability to adapt to an ever-changing situation. I encourage my families to keep an open mind. With these core principles everyone stays safe and happy and healthy. At Western Obstetrics we have created a village of support for families. This support empowers families with knowledge and comfort that they are not alone on their perinatal journey. This support allows our team to care for families, provide excellent continuity of care, and support their individual birth philosophy in the best way possible

What gives you joy?

In my vocation as a GP Obstetrician I love seeing the smiles…. The first scan when families hear the heartbeat, the partner’s smile when the baby comes out, the couple that have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years and finally it happens, the mum that has been expressing for 2 months who finally manages to stop expressing, the smile from the mum that has transitioned to formula feeding to prioritise her mental health (because breastfeeding can be really, really hard). There are so many smiles in my job that bring me joy. Assisting families through the journey of parenthood is truly a privilege.

In day- to-day life as a mother of two beautiful little people, my family bring me so much joy. Watching my children grow up to be kind little humans with empathy, a sense of adventure and enjoying nature is what make me happy. We all enjoy anything in, or on the ocean - surfing, kite-surfing, watching sunsets, snorkelling, dog beach treks and building sand castles. I feel grateful to have that joy in my life.