Endorsed Midwife


Laura Fenwick is an Endorsed Midwife who graduated in 1999 at the University of Central Lancashire with a BA.Honours in Midwifery. In 2018 she did further study on Prescribing for Midwives at Griffith University in Queensland.

Following this, Laura went on to work at Blackburn Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Health Care N.H.S.Trust ( now East Lancashire N.H.S. Trust.) for 8 years as a Registered Midwife, where she worked on the antenatal and postnatal wards before joining the Community Teams within the trust. Her time as a team member was divided between the G.P surgeries, antenatal clinics, delivery suite and the postnatal ward within the hospital setting, it also included postnatal home visits.

In 2007 Laura migrated to Australia and landed a job at Rockingham and Kwinana General hospital as a Registered Midwife. She has now held this role for 15 years. Moving to a completely new unit and country Laura was able to gain valuable insight into how Obstetric and Midwifery care was delivered in Rockingham.

Outside of work Laura is a Mum of 2 and enjoys spending time with her family. 

What led you to a career in midwifery?

I fell for midwifery as a career during my nurse training. The tutor for our maternity placement was amazing! She made me feel like women could do anything, including me. I was determined to become a midwife after my placement. 

What is your birth philosophy?

To ensure women and their partner/support network are aware of their choices available to them. To fill them with knowledge, ensuring they are happy with the choices made and birthing outcome. Listening to women/families is an essential part of the process. 

What is the most rewarding part of being a midwife?

Supporting women and their partner as they make their choices. Watching them become a family or add to their family - filling them with confidence as they adjust to family life. 

What attracted you to be part of Western Obstetrics?

The continuity of care model - ensuring women “know” their midwife. Following them through from the first antenatal appointment and then seeing them past birth.