Lactation Consultant


Sharon Perrella is registered nurse and midwife with postgraduate qualifications in neonatal intensive care nursing and child, adolescent and family health nursing, a MSc, and a PhD completed with the Geddes Hartmann Human Lactation Research team at UWA. Sharon has also completed Neurodevelopmental Care (NDC) training and is an accredited NDC practitioner.

Sharon has previously completed the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) voluntary breastfeeding counsellor training, and served as a volunteer counsellor and group leader for several years.

Sharon has clinical experience in paediatric, midwifery and child health nursing, with over 15 years in neonatal intensive care nursing at KEMH. I have 10 years of experience as an IBCLC in private practice, and 3 years working within a mutlidisciplinary team as an IBCLC at One for Women. Her community experience related to her role as lactation consultant includes that of a voluntary breastfeeding counsellor, providing individual counselling, group information and education sessions, and outreach activities within the community.

Sharon has completed 7 years as a post doctoral researcher at UWA, and regularly lectures and presents to post grad nursing and health students as well as midwives and other health care providers.

Sharon is married with 3 teenage kids and a very energetic dog, and outside of work loves watching her kids play sport, go for bush walks, and cook!