Endorsed Midwife


Stephanie Emmons finished her nursing degree in 2013 prior to working at Royal Perth Hospital for 3 years. During this time she also studied midwifery through ECU, completing her training at King Edward Memorial Hospital. Since 2017, Stephanie has been working at St John of God Hospital in Midland in all areas of maternity; labour and birth, antenatal, postnatal care and the neonatal nursery. Over the past few years she has also volunteered as a nurse with Canteen, the children’s cancer support foundation, and did a small stint in Africa in 2019 volunteering as a midwife educator. After having her own child in 2020, Stephanie’s passion grew for educating and supporting women through this amazing but challenging transition in their life.

What led you to a career in midwifery?

I've always wanted to be in a career that helps people. So I started studying nursing and as I learnt more about the different fields in nursing and what being a midwife was about, I knew that was the career for me. It is such a privilege to be there for women in such a significant and amazing part of their life. I couldn't imagine doing any other job.

What is your birth philosophy?

I believe every woman has a right to choices and knowledge. Part of our role as a midwife is to educate women and families about the choices available to them, and to help them achieve the birth they always have hoped for.

What is the most rewarding part of being a midwife?

It's so rewarding to be able to be that support for new mums and dads and to have that family put their complete trust in you in caring for their most special bundle of joy, just makes being a midwife the best job in the world.

What attracted you to be part of Western Obstetrics?

I love how Western Obstetrics offers a continuity model of care. To be able to be there for the woman during her pregnancy, then to see them with their beautiful baby after the birth is very special.