Your Baby’s Movements Matter

Being aware of your baby’s movements during pregnancy is one of the easiest ways to help keep your baby safe and healthy.

Regular and strong movements are a good sign of wellbeing. Getting to know the pattern of your baby's movements is important – it is a way your baby can tell you that they are well. Movements are how your baby communicates with you.

Movement myths
  • Baby’s movements will decrease towards the end of pregnancy. The baby is running out of room.
  • If your baby isn’t moving as much as normal, just have something to eat or a cold drink to stimulate baby to move.
  • Baby is just really sleepy today
  • You will be wasting the midwife or doctors time, calling about movements.

All of the above is FALSE.

Movement facts
  • Your baby should move regularly throughout your whole pregnancy, and even during labour.
  • If your baby isn’t moving as much as normal, contact your maternity care provider immediately.
  • During pregnancy your baby will have 20-40 minute sleep windows. You should have periods of movements before and after these sleep windows.
  • Your maternity care team would always want you to call if you’re concerned about baby movements.

All of the above is TRUE.

If you are ever unsure or concerned about your baby’s movements, please call your team at Western Obstetrics on (08) 9328 0501.