Dr Stuart Prosser

Stuart has worked as a Procedural General Practitioner, practising both Anaesthetics and Obstetrics, for over 15 years. During his initial General Practice training he completed his Advanced Diploma in Obstetrics and his JCCA in Anaesthetics. Throughout this period, Stuart has continually focused on enhancing the patient experience.

Stuart has completed a Master in Medicine, with a focus on perioperative medicine and health care systems and leadership. He has also recently completed a Master of Business Administration through the University of Melbourne. Stuart has a long standing commitment to ongoing education, he currently holds an associate professor teaching role at Curtin University.

While keenly interested in antenatal care, Stuart also has experience in early pregnancy management (including initial ultrasound) and management of early pregnancy problems (including bleeding and morning sickness). Stuart has a particular interest in the postnatal period and manages all aspects including mental health issues, irritable babies (including sleeping issues), poor weight gain for your baby and any concerns about your recovery after child birth. Stuart also believes partners are a very important, and often ignored, part of the adjustment to parenthood. As such he has a particular interest in partner’s adjustment to parenthood and partner mental health issues. 

Why do you do Obstetrics?

Being part of a patients pregnancy journey is a joy. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing patients successfully navigate the initial journey into parenthood.

What is your birth philosophy?

My approach is simple – the patient has to be the centre of everything that we do. I love working within a team based environment, in which we work collaboratively with each team member to deliver excellence in care. At all times, I believe that the patient needs to be involved in the decision making process. Ultimately patients need continuity of care throughout their pregnancy and into the postnatal period.

What gives you joy?

Family. I love being part of my patient’s families. I especially love it when they come back for their second and third babies and watching the older siblings come in (feeling 100% confident in our obstetric practice) and be part of the journey. BUT most importantly I love being part of my own family – watching my wife achieve amazing things in her life and watching my kids grow into wonderful human beings gives my immense joy. There is nothing better than sharing in their achievements, the moment when they ride a bike for the first time. My ultimate favourite thing was reading Harry Potter out loud with each of my children, although I think I fell asleep most nights listening to my wife read to them or as they got older them reading to me.